The new revised version of Why Sell Tacos in Africa?, published by Legacy Press is now on sale – the story of Paul Oberschneider’s journey and anecdotes from the early days of his 30+ years in international real estate.

All proceeds will go to Centrepoint, a charity he is working with to provide accommodation for the UK’s homeless youth, through their Independent Living initiative.

Every single penny of the proceeds will go to directly to the Independent Living programme as part of an initial £50,000 target.

Every book sold makes a difference.

Centre Point Homeless Charity
Why Sell Tacos In Africa book by Paul Oberschneider

Paul Oberschneider shares his insights for building a successful business. There's no straight-line deal, it's all about taking small steps, maintaining flexibility and being able to pivot with a great team.

In 1992, with $400 in his pocket, Paul discovered the process of taking an idea, starting small, and discovering the steps for scaling a business from scratch. Why Sell Tacos in Africa? is a story about that journey and covers what most entrepreneurs will face. From solving one problem at a time, staying in the game, over time Paul was able to build one of the largest real estate advisory business and development platforms in Central and Eastern Europe exiting before the financial crises in 2008.

Why Sell Tacos in Africa? ‘serves as a metaphor’ for how young entrepreneurs should think about doing business differently and finding opportunities in uncontested or ‘blue sky’ markets.


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